Trade Mark

Our products are based on our high grade Humic Soil Conditioner, a result of our strict method of recycling organics through composting of Food & Green waste from the City.This is our registered trade mark and it represents the outcome of our stringent Controlled Microbial Process. We are very proud of this product as it exceeds the Australian Standard – 4454 (2012). This means it has undergone a rigorous suite of tests to ensure the product meets the standard to ensure safety, reliability and consistency from such a natural product. It is for this reason it is readily accepted by certifiers for Organic Food production.   

So you ask why Humic and why Soil Conditioner?

Humic because the level of microbiological action and level of maturity means we are forming a humus like substance that is very beneficial for plant growth. This results in long lasting carbon compounds that are beneficial to soil nutrient uptake by plants as well as adding sites in the soil to hold more nutrient.

Soil Conditioner because our method of composting is a Controlled Microbial Process guaranteeing the best possible conditions for the beneficial microbes. We constantly measure the parameters to ensure these microbes are performing at their peak. We also test via NATA accredited Laboratory to ensure our batches exceed  AS-4454 (Mulches, Composts and Soil Conditioners). Our HSC must pass before it goes out the gate. Humic Soil Conditioner forms an excellent fertiliser by itself, however we can provide prescriptive blends to meet the infinite needs of the full spectrum of soil types and production systems.


Farm Management and Agronomic Services to:

  •  Livestock – Grazing – Pasture – Cropping – Fodder Conservation
  •  Fruit- Vegetable -Tree Crop
  • Urban Amenity – Urban Farming – Small Area Farming


“With over 30 years in the Business of Agriculture – we’ve got you covered”